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The Hottest New Technology Is Improving Medical Spa Services

Technology is changing the landscape of all kinds of businesses from Uber to cutting the cable to self driving cars to drones. The beauty industry is no different! Are you getting the latest, most effective technology used on your face, body…
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How To Best Budget Your Beauty Dollars - Part II - Services

I am a total penny pincher...I truly love to get the best value for my money and when I'm working on you guys I like to do the same for you. In some cases I've spent YEARS evaluating machinery/products to find the optimum results for the lowest…
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Men Need Medical Spas Too!

At least once every few days I get asked the question..."do you work on men?" And the answer to that is a solid "absolutely!" So what kinds of services can (and should) men take advantage of in a Medical Spa? Let's work from the most popular…
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Our Television Debut! Here We Are On Show Me St Louis!

We were all so excited to have to great opportunity to be on Show Me St Louis so here we are in our television debut! * Testimonials do not represent a guarantee of results for more information click here.
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Micro Needling (DermaRolling): Effective or Dangerous?

The beauty market is exploding with In-Office and Home used DermaPens, Micro Needling Devices and more. Are they safe? Do they work? Should you buy/try them? Read on to find out. What is Micro Needling or DermaRolling Or SkinPen? Origin As…