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Infused Water- Refreshing (and Nutritious) Summer Drinks

Summer = (Outside + Fun) + HEAT (Dehydration)   Summer means fun, outside play, AND hot weather. The heat and humidity can dehydrate us quickly.  Although most of us know that staying hydrated (drinking water) is important,     it's…
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  What does it mean to have inner beauty?  How do you do it in the world we live in? It’s easy to get discouraged in our world today.  Every time you turn on the news, open your social media or talk to someone in passing, you are…
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A Facial Isn't Just A Facial - MedSpa Vs Spa Facial

I am a confessed spa junkie. I've been a spa junkie for a solid 20 years at this point. My spa junkiness led me to my current profession as an esthetician. Why does that matter? It matters because I know this business inside and out. I also…

Spring 2018 Nail Trends!

Runway and “real-way” have really come together this season. We are seeing a lot of nail trend looks strolling down the runway that can directly translate to everyday wear.  Neutral colors, all those super light and soft taupe and beige…
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How Being In A Loving Relationship Makes You Younger (Both Inside and Out)

With Valentines Day upon us once again, we all begin to celebrate love. But did you know your loving relationship is making you younger inside and out? Here are the ways it's helping you! Loving Relationships Reduce The Risks of Cardiovascular…