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Our Favorite New Beauty Treatments For INSIDE The Body

I definitely believe in a "whole health" approach to beauty. If you want to keep from aging and to keep your skin all over looking as best as it can you must treat your body from the inside out! There are a few new beauty treatments on the market…
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How My New Addiction Is Improving My (And My Daughter's) Skin

Over the course of this year I've slowly become a health nut. Not because I need to lose weight or because anyone told me to do it but simply because I FEEL better when I'm supplying myself with proper nutrition. I'm more alert and energetic,…
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My 6-Week No Moisturizer Experiment

Have you ever wondered if there's a step in your facial process that you can skip? Would it be revolutionary if you didn't have to buy moisturizer? My ZO Skin Care rep and I have had several discussions on this topic and she maintains the philosophy…
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5 Easy Tricks To Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best

When I get compliments that my skin looks good I always say "it isn't requires work..." but there are a few simple ways that you can make an easy difference in your skin! Trick #1 - Wash your makeup off...always! Seriously...are…
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Unusual Dietary Supplements That Can Significantly Improve Your Health

If you've visited me for facial services in my office you've become aware over time that I try to keep ahead of all kinds of health topics from wellness to prevention to hormones. All of these elements balanced together can make your body (and…