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Why The OxyGeneo Facial Is More Effective Than A HydraFacial...

If you've been around the biz for as long as I have you see tons of technologies come and go. One machine in particular I used to use was the HydraFacial to get nice infusing results during a facial. Recently a new machine entered the marketplace…

Microblading- What Is It? How Does It Work? Is It For Me?

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of tattooing. It is done with a swiping motion of a manual pen and set of very fine needles, placing the pigment under the surface layer of the skin. The result is extremely realistic hair strokes. The strokes are fine, crisp, with amazing definition and dimension. Microblading is a great service for anyone who wants to enhance her eyebrows. The results are natural looking hair-like strokes regardless of the amount of hair present. Whether you are suffering from a hair loss condition or simply aren’t happy with your existing brows, you will benefit from microblading.
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What Do Radio Frequency (RF) Lasers Do And Do They Work?

Everyone wants to tighten their skin in various areas on their body. No matter how hard we work out or how much Botox and Filler you can get... sometimes it takes a good laser to fix the problem. One of the newer technologies on the market is…
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Are You Sure Your Laser Technician Is Certified?

Even if you go to the best doctor's office or MedSpa in town, did you know your laser technician might not be certified? I know this seems like an absolutely silly question to the average person who frequents a spa. I, personally, was a spa…
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What's Aging Your Face And How To Fix It While Still Looking Like Yourself

After you hit 28, guess what? You are aging in a way that shows up (if you have kids, I'm sure they're telling you!). There are a TON of simple solutions to aging that can spruce you up without making you look like someone other than yourself.…