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New Years Resolutions For Your Skin

Everyone buzzes this time of year with diet trends and new workout plans but have you laid out your plans for your skin resolutions this year? Here are a few great suggestions... Resolution #1 - Get A Regular Facial I know this seems like…
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Why The OxyGeneo Facial Is More Effective Than A HydraFacial...

If you've been around the biz for as long as I have you see tons of technologies come and go. One machine in particular I used to use was the HydraFacial to get nice infusing results during a facial. Recently a new machine entered the marketplace…
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What Do Radio Frequency (RF) Lasers Do And Do They Work?

Everyone wants to tighten their skin in various areas on their body. No matter how hard we work out or how much Botox and Filler you can get... sometimes it takes a good laser to fix the problem. One of the newer technologies on the market is…
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Case Study: IPL Photofacial On The Chest

If you're curious about how stuff works this is pretty cool progression to check out. Recently my client Maria came in to clear up her age spots and redness in her chest as well as boost up tightness in the skin in that area as well. We chose…
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How My New Addiction Is Improving My (And My Daughter's) Skin

Over the course of this year I've slowly become a health nut. Not because I need to lose weight or because anyone told me to do it but simply because I FEEL better when I'm supplying myself with proper nutrition. I'm more alert and energetic,…