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How Being In A Loving Relationship Makes You Younger (Both Inside and Out)


With Valentines Day upon us once again, we all begin to celebrate love. But did you know your loving relationship is making you younger inside and out? Here are the ways it’s helping you!

Loving Relationships Reduce The Risks of Cardiovascular Disease

Love makes the heart pound, it also makes it stronger. Being in a relationship as it stands alone is great, but when you truly love your partner, it also makes you healthier! A University of Pittsburgh study of 493 women showed that “women in relationships with high satisfaction had lower levels of biological, lifestyle, and psychosocial risk factors when compared with the other groups.” This was especially effective at reducing heart disease. So let that heart pound and reap the benefits of a younger cardiovascular system!

More Hugs=Lower Blood Pressurehugging-is-good-for-you

Touch is an incredibly power communicator. It brings joy, peace and relaxation. In regards to love, hugs with your family and your partner also calm your heartbeat and lower your blood pressure as proven in a University of North Carolina study. So take the time to give someone a great hug this Valentines Day… who knew that it would provide benefits to you as well!

Kissing Makes Your Lips Prettier

kissing-makes-your-lips-prettyThe act of kissing actually makes you prettier. Blood rushes to the mouth area, muscles are strengthened in your lower face (like a workout) and a beautiful pink flush arrives to color your lips more beautiful than lipstick. It turns out it’s good for your health as well, making you younger on the inside. So give your partner a great kiss this holiday (and beyond) and make your lips gorgeous!

Holding Hands Reduces Stressholding-hands-reduces-stress

Personally, I love holding hands with my husband and my children as well. It’s not uncommon to find me even sitting and watching TV while holding hands. No, I’m not a crazy clingy wife… it’s just comforting to hold someones hand. I learned recently that it was truly reducing my stress level as well. Having a high stress level has serious aging consequences so my common act of hand holding was helping me knock that down. The University of Virginia did a study of giving a women a mild, electric shock and measuring brain waves. When the woman was holding a loved ones hands, her stress level was far less (not just perceived pain but on an MRI showing less pain nerves firing), even while being shocked!

Happily Married Couples Have More Sex Than Singles

If you asked most folks about marital sex lives, I think many assume it’s less than in their dating years for most. But the reality of living with someone (that you love) and being with them mostly in hours of rest overtakes singlehood sex by replacing it with ongoing, consistent sexual activity. The level of connection that comes from the intimate relationship of a caring marriage adds to the benefits of sexual activity as well. The list of benefits in a consistent, loving sexual relationship are long, but a few of my favorite benefits are…sex-reduces-acne

  • making your skin radiate
  • reducing acne
  • it can be good exercise
  • helping you sleep better

Having More Sex Can Make You Look 7+ Years Younger

Pugh cartoon: 'Biannual seems pretty regular to me'

Want to look younger? Stop avoiding your partner and get in bed!! It turns out that over time the act of having sex consistently actually makes you look younger!

From a Daily Mail article: “Dr Weeks, former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, said that people of all ages should be aware of the benefits of a healthy love life. The psychologist spent a decade quizzing thousands of men and women of all ages. Those who looked younger than their age [approximately 5-7 years younger] claimed to have sex an average 50 per cent more – in the 40-to-50 age group equating to three times a week rather than twice.”

His studies also showed a reduction in early death by as much as 50% in healthy, loving, sexual relationships! Nothing makes you look younger than staying alive!

Loving Relationships Increase Your Adrenaline Giving You A Love Flush

Does your heart beat faster when you see the one you love? Your partner, spouse, kids or even your pets? That increase in your cardiovascular reaction actually brings a beautiful flush to your cheeks and consistently benefiting from that loving relationship can keep you glowing. So enjoy the glow of first arriving home from work to see the person (or pet) that you love and know it’s making you prettier!

Being In A Loving Relationship Makes You More Giving (And Generosity Is Gorgeous!)

A University of Virginia marriage study showed that generosity is one of the main characteristics in successful marriages. That the giving of little touches and gestures is higher in those relationships that thrive and last. The beauty of this is in how that extends out into the world! Generosity shared with others is one of the greatest gifts you can give, sharing your time, your attention and sometimes even your money feels great. And it turns out that there are youthful benefits that help you in return as well. So get your GIVE on and turn back the hands of time.

Study After Study Shows You Live Longer When In A Great Relationship

When working on research for this blog, I was nearly overwhelmed by the articles and studies regarding how love extends your life. It makes sense after reading about all the health benefits of love, passion, sex and intimacy. From heart health to a reduction in blood pressure and stress, how could it NOT help you live longer? So dive in this Valentines Day and let that love make you beautiful and younger inside and out!

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

-Jennifer is a blogger, mom and owner of Elemental Esthetics in St Louis, MO

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Study: Married Couples Live Longer, Healthier Lives Than Singles