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An Esthetician’s Secret Skin Care Regimen…What Exactly Do I Use On My Face?

First of all, I must be honest, I'm constantly trying new products so that I can stay ahead of the constantly changing beauty curve. But I thought it might be a great time to share with you the variety of products that I'm currently using in…
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What Breakouts On Your Face Are Telling You About The Rest Of Your Body: Face Mapping

  Do you tend to constantly break out in the same spots and yet your best friend’s acne is in a completely different location? Way before modern medicine doctors used issues with skin (both on the face and body) to help them determine…
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How Sporadic Low Calorie Eating Can Help You Lose Weight And Improve Your Health (And You Don’t Have To Buy Anything To Make It Work)

If you're anything like me you've tried everything under the sun to lose weight. My personal list of trial and error includes HCG, The Dukan Diet, multiple doctors of all kinds, intense workout plans, Weight Watchers and much, much more.…
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How Your Hormones Are Affecting Your Skin

Hormones have big effects on how our skin looks and behaves, learn more about what your hormones are doing to change your appearance.
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How Magnesium is Dramatically Changing My Body (And Why You Should Be Using It Too)

One of the greatest parts of my job is that I get to spend hours a day talking to some of the smartest women in St Louis. I always say that hanging out with all of you all the time provides me the “communal knowledge of women.” So I regularly…