Eyelashes have the impressive ability to transform your face. 



A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes!

Like old-school perms from the ’80s, lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. It essentially does what a really good mechanical curler would do giving you a nice shape upward and a realistic curl.

There is no preparation necessary.

You can customize your results.

The first step during a session is to consult with your lash artist, who will ask you questions about your goals and style (for example, whether or not you wear mascara everyday, like lashes high upwards to your eyebrows or more fanned out, etc.) Based on your answers, your technician will pick a curl size for your eye shape.

Lash Tinting

What is it?

An eyelash tint consists of adding a special dye to your eyelashes, giving you weeks of dark, full lashes without the assistance of mascara. You relax while dye is applied to your lashes.  (You will keep your eyes closed for about 10 minutes.)

How long does it last?

Results typically last 3-6 weeks, depending on how much you touch your eyes, how often you wash your face, and what kind of cleanser you use. You’ll want to steer clear of oil cleansers and oil-based makeup removers for the time being. The less you run your eyes under water, the better. You can always stick to face wipes, and use a Q-tip to use a cream cleanser and remove eye makeup without touching your lashes. It is recommended to get lashes tinted every three weeks.

It is best to remove the contact lens before you receive ANY lash service to prevent the chance of irritation or infection if the product does come in contact with the eye.


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