The InMode Contoura (Body Fx and Forma)

If you are fighting issues with stubborn pockets of fat, loose skin on the face or body or cellulite issues, the Contoura is your new solution!  (No down time!)

Body FX – The Body Fx is the ONLY non-invasive body contouring device proven in peer reviewed and published human studies to both permanently kill adipose tissue and contract the skin.  It is the perfect solution to get rid of your mummy tummy or muffin top, and improve your general body contour.


Forma – Discover younger acting skin with thermal contraction skin tightening.  Forma uses radio-frequency technology to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your skin. Radio frequency energy will stimulate the formation of new collagen and improve skin elasticity.  Forma is suitable for all skin types and is appropriate for individuals seeking a non-invasive and a natural looking approach to improvements in skin tone and texture irregularities.  It can be used on both the face and the body.  Commonly treated areas on the face include:  forehead, crows feet, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, jowls, smile lines and neck.  On the body, popular treatments consist of the arms (bat wings), abdomen and other areas that may need contraction.




Let’s face it.  We all want to look our best at any age; not over-filled and overstretched, just natural and radiant.  We want to age gracefully, beautifully, and elegantly.  Inevitably, fine lines and wrinkles set in, and now there is a simple, non-surgical treatment that will now address those concerns and have you out to dinner the same night!

Love the skin your in!

  •  Alleviate wrinkles & fine lines
  • Tighten Skin
  • Minimize Appearance of Scarring
  • Minimize Pore Size
  • Improve Skin Texture & Tone
  • Immediate Results
  • Virtually Pain Free
  • No Downtime

The Vivace Experience

It’s the newest generation of radio frequency microneedling, and The Vivace is FDA-cleared for your safety.  This minimally-invasive treatment stimulates the natural production of collagen and is shown to be effective in alleviating facial wrinkles, fine lines, and tightening and toning the face, neck, hands, and body.  The Vivace is the most revolutionary, best-in-class microneedling RF device designed for an incomparable, comfortable patient experience.

What does a treatment feel like?

Once the skin is numb (with numbing cream), you may feel light pressure that tells you the device is doing its work.  Most people find the treatment to be comfortable with virtually no pain or downtime.

How long does it take?

The actual treatment takes about 20-45 minutes depending on the area, with an additional 45 minutes needed for numbing.

What kind of skin does it work on?

Most skin colors can be treated, including tanned skin and dark skin.


The IPL/Photofacial Laser

Device used for laser hair removal in St. Louis, MOWhat is IPL laser used for?

(IPL- Intense Pulsed Light) laser treatments are most commonly used for:

  •  Lightening and removing “sun spots” “age spots”, and brown blotches on the face, neck, chest, hands, and other areas of the body
  • Lightening and reducing redness, rosacea, acne scar pigmentation, dilated blood vessels and “broken” blood vessels on the face, neck and chest
  • Helping to control flushing
  • It also has a lesser effect of improving skin texture through collagen stimulation and improves pore size minimally by temporarily reducing oilines


Laser Hair Removal

smooth hair-free legsPainful waxing and the hassle of continuously shaving undesired hair that pops up in various places on our bodies can become a thing of the past once you’ve had laser hair removal. One of the most common cosmetic laser treatments available, laser hair removal is designed to get rid of unwanted hair in virtually any body area. Elemental Esthetics uses state-of-the-art laser hair removal systems, a virtually pain-free procedure that can often meet patients’ goals in fewer treatment sessions than is often the case with other laser systems. Available treatment areas include lip, chin, full face, underarms, bikini, legs, backs and more!





* DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary. Testimonials & photos on this website do not represent a guarantee of results. For more information, click here.

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