The philosophy at Elemental Esthetics is to provide a personalized experience for everyone who comes in our doors. Our focus is on YOU, the client. Between our highly experienced staff to our comfortable waiting and treatment rooms, you can truly relax and know that you’re in good hands. We provide top-notch medical facials and laser treatments without the cold environment of a traditional MedSpa. Come in and relax and feel the years fall off of you while enjoying your service.

At Elemental Esthetics we believe, you can be beautiful and still look like yourself!



Jennifer Warmann-Bloss, CEO and Lead Esthetician

best-med-spa-st-louis-kandulaJennifer Warmann-Bloss is a licensed Esthetician, Business Owner and Blogger and has been working on clients since 2001. Being educated in Boston at one of the top Esthetics Schools in the country, the Catherine Hinds Institute, sets her base education apart from the average esthetician in St Louis. She prides herself on maintaining her education ongoing and additionally keeping you, the client, educated as well on the latest innovations in anti-aging.

Her approach to services is to truly create a customized experience for anyone who comes through her doors. She doesn’t simply follow the same protocols for all but instead develops a program designed to make you look your personal best. With personalized facial services, lasers, peels and more, she has all the tools necessary to make you look amazing.

Additionally, Jennifer comes from a professional background with previous work experience in the high-tech world. She helped build and develop some of the first car dealer websites in the 90’s when the internet was just developing, worked in e-mail marketing software and worked with predictive modeling software with Fortune 500 companies.

This professional understanding of technology helped her greatly as she began to educate herself on lasers and many other business arenas of esthetics. Don’t miss the opportunity to come experience an amazing encounter designed just for YOU!

Melissa Schiller, Medical Esthetician

plasma-pen-st-louisAfter years of experience in a wonderful spa in O’Fallon, MO, Melissa has joined the Elemental Esthetics team in order to expand her talents with more medical style services.

Melissa graduated the top of her class and was a two time Distinguished Honors recipient.  She is an experienced esthetician who is passionate about people and skin care.  She chose to become an esthetician as a result of a life-long interest in skin care as well as issues she encountered during and after pregnancy.  She understands how skin care and skin care issues impact people’s lives and is driven to help people through her knowledge and experience with skin care services and products. 

Prior to becoming an esthetician, Melissa was the event coordinator in a family owned coffee shop.  She brings her love of people and the desire to provide experiences that bring joy into every treatment she provides.  Each visit is customized for the needs and wants of the individual.   

Pam Vandiver, Licensed Medical Esthetician

pam-vandiverPam comes from an esthetics background first as an artist, art educator and then as a Medical Esthetician. Licensed since 2013, her passion for anti-aging skin care started in her younger years, which lead to her decision to later change her career as an art educator to an esthetician. She has a love for learning and enjoys sharing her knowledge as well as educating her clients about different skin care services and medical-grade skin care.

When you spend time with Pam, you will appreciate her friendly personality and her knowledge. Each visit she will customize a personalized skin care routine to achieve your skin care goals. She looks forward to meeting with you to discuss your concerns.

Pam’s philosophy is “It’s your business how old you are but it’s Pam’s business how young you look.”


Kati Tayon, Licensed Medical Esthetician

laser-lipoKati is a passionate and tactful esthetician that provides clients with optimal skincare treatments and solutions. She is also committed to providing clients with the highest level of customer service and sanitation. With lots of experience with laser and facial services since 2019 and over 10 years of experience in the medical field, she is here to provide you with a vast array of options for your anti-aging journey.

As a mom of a little one (and also a dog mom), she also understands how to lovingly take care of you. She’s had a passion for skin care for SO long, it is truly her life’s passion. Kati’s consultations are education focused, she likes YOU to be armed with all the information you need to make the best choices. Come let her take care of you and your skin!

Jennifer Kopolow, Certified Laser Technician and Microblader

microblading-st-louisJennifer finished beauty school in 1991 and has spent her career specializing in all things nail. Feeling that every area of beauty is important, but focused on nails because no look is complete without the little details.  Jennifer has been a nail professional since beauty school but has worked in education as an Education Ambassador (EA) for CND, creators of CND Shellac.  As an EA, Jennifer had the opportunity to travel the country, experiencing all different areas of the business.  She is extremely excited to expand her skills into the esthetics end.  Certified on the Lumenis M22 IPL Laser and the Lumenis Desire Hair Removal devices, as well as the Venus Legacy and Venus Viva, she can laser away some of your greatest challenges. She has recently added Microblading to her list of certifications. If you want the best brows in town, come see Jennifer! Education and professionalism are the keys to being able to deliver an exceptional service and Jennifer delivers nothing less.

Debra Poger, Certified Laser Technician

Debra comes to us with a variety of personal experiences in her career. She has 10 years of laser experience.  (That’s over 7,500 treatments!) She spent 3 years as a Manager of a MedSpa and 9 years as a Laser Technician focusing on Venus RF and Contoura Skin Tightening treatments, Permanent Fat Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Viva, and Vivace (microneedling with RF). She has in depth training and is result driven.  Trust when she looks at you she is thinking about your safety and best results she can get!  Additionally, she has been a Hair Restoration Expert for 9 years. If you’ve struggled with hair loss issues, Debra absolutely knows the ins and outs of those problems and has some great solutions for it! She also worked for several years as a Dior Makeup Artist. Before she was in the Spa world Debra owned a jewelry and accessories company and she has a tremendous passion for jewelry. She actually still owns that company. Debra is a kind and loving person who takes such good care of her clients you’ll be so happy when you start seeing her, you couldn’t be in better, more generous hands!

Dr Allison Walsh, Our Medical Director

Dr. Walsh received her medical and business degrees from the Perelman School of Medicine and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 2010. She completed her residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis in 2014 before becoming board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2015. Since completing training, Dr. Walsh has been providing comprehensive care to women across generations in her primary obstetrics and gynecology practice.

Women’s Lifestyle Solutions is the manifestation of Dr. Allison Walsh’s desire to create a practice focused on helping women achieve wellness through synergistic solutions to hormonal imbalance, chronic pain and weight gain. Dr. Walsh believes in combining the best solutions from traditional medicine with plant based solutions for a variety of conditions women face. Whether through individualized bioidentical hormone replacement, medications to assist with weight loss, or pain management certification for medical cannabis, Dr. Walsh can help you to feel better. To learn more about wellness with Dr. Walsh click here:

You can also visit her for Obstetrics and Gynecological services in her medical office. The website for those services is

Our Amazing Injectors- Why are they the best?

  • Possess extensive knowledge of facial muscle anatomy including the origin and insertion of each muscle, as well as the ability to determine which muscles are responsible for producing wrinkles and creases in specific facial regions.
  • Complete understanding of physiology of the nerves and blood vessels of the face so that injections into facial areas will not negatively affect any important facial structures.
  • Full knowledge of how onabotulinum toxinA works to paralyze the muscles; how much is needed for each facial area; how long it lasts; knowledge of other toxin brands and which individuals would benefit from each.
  • Able to provide you with a list of side effects and possible contraindications and be aware of any medications you are on or medical conditions you have which may affect your treatment outcome.

  • The ability to avoid adverse effects, and if they do occur, she should have the knowledge about how to treat such results and how to properly and effectively combine neurotoxin injections with dermal fillers to provide the safest and most successful results.
  • Know “best practices” for techniques for treatment, how to properly prepare muscle relaxing substances, and how deep to inject into facial muscles.
  • Have many hours of observing model patients being treated, and have also received expert supervision during consultation, planning, and injection of treatment solution on live patients.
  • Have proper technical expertise regarding minimizing discomfort during injection.

Kris Mosher

Kris Mosher joins us as our Front Office Manager, helping all the pieces seamlessly flow together. From our front desk solutions to working with the staff to manage schedules and more, she is on top of taking care of all your needs across the entire spa.

Kris is also a loving mom with amazing nurturing qualities. We can’t wait for you to meet her!


You can schedule with any of these amazing ladies at




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