How COVID-19 Helped Me Step Up My Wellness Game

COVID-19 has been a wellness wake up call for many of us to truly pay attention to our health. I’ve always had a little health nut in me, but this virus has woken me up to the wellness tasks I needed to step up for myself and my family. Here are some ways you can step up your game as well…

Nutrient Deficient

COVID truly brought awareness to the ways that most of us are nutrient deficient. The way that soil has been depleted over time has reduced the nutrient value in the foods we eat. The majority of the world is deficient in Vitamin D especially. They say that Vitamin D supplementation reduces the severity of COVID, we could all use more! After more was learned about this deadly disease it became clear to me that the family needed to step up our supplement game to improve our wellness.

What did we add to our regimen?vitamin-d-stl

Injectable and IV Nutritioniv-therapy-st-louis

My husband and I also began to really dig a good IV once a month too. IV and Injectable nutrients by-pass the stomach and deliver fast and reliable results for wellness. Your body disposes of what it doesn’t need so you cannot overdo most IV and Injectable Nutrients! I’ve seen significant health benefits by regularly receiving a monthly IV and adding some nutrients through injections. I’m more alert and yet I sleep better, my skin is clearer and more radiant and that big dose of hydration is AMAZING.

What are my favorites? Which one’s help fortify you the most against viruses?

B-12 or MIC B-12 – B-complex helps you with metabolism, brain function, alertness and sleep. The MIC version also assists with liver detoxing and totally helps me control my hunger level.

Glutathione – This amino acid is AMAZING. It helps with blood sugar and insulin issues, liver issues, improves auto-immune symptoms and heart disease. This amino acid actually reduces total body inflammation as well, which helps with pain. I make sure every IV I get has this awesome supplement in it too. You can also get this as a weekly shot, as many doctors have even seen it correct issues with pigmentation on the skin!

Magnesium – Magnesium fights depression and helps with hormone issues. It also helps athletic performance! It lowers blood pressure and fights diabetes… it reduces migraines and also helps you sleep.

Vitamin C – This vitamin helps your body heal and recover and helps prevent illness. It helps with high blood pressure, can prevent gout attacks and improves iron absorption. Everyone could use more Vitamin C to improve wellness!

Zinc – Zinc is great at diminishing viruses(and we can all use that right now), plus it helps with collagen production, immunity and healing!

Biotin – Biotin is great for hair growth and nail and skin health. We can all look more radiant by adding this vitamin!

Stay-At-Home Orderscovid-lockdowns

As a family we were blessed to have many things in place already to help bring healthy foods to us. Because of our busy lives I had set up many delivery services already that truly helped us through grocery shopping and cleaning supplies. (Nothing really helped with the lack of toilet paper though!!)

We stepped up our fruits and vegetables and proteins to the next level, adding more wellness to our routines by using these great services (click on the links to learn more):

Imperfect Produce – A once a week delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables chosen by YOU. I chose this service for the beauty of buying sometimes ugly (but not bruised or inedible) produce that gets rejected by the grocery store at FANTASTIC prices. You pick out the goods and they arrive at your door each week.

Grassroots Coop – Grass fed, grass finished and free range meats delivered to your door frozen and chosen by you. This group uses “regenerative farming,” something that has become a passion project for me. If you’d like to learn more about this practice, definitely check out Farmer’s Footprint, a charity that I love!

Wild Alaskan – I learned that Vitamin D is definitely essential to our health (I’ve known this but it’s never been more relevant than during COVID for wellness) and so I have aggressively added more fish to our weekly diet. Fish is rich in Vitamin D! This company ships sustainable fish frozen on an auto-ship basis.

Force of Nature – I first learned of this household cleaner long before COVID. Electrolyzed Water became an amazing product heavily used during COVID. It has been affordably and safely sanitizing my house for years now! This clean and yet natural product is mixed by you, allowing you to have a large, yet easy-to-store supply of household cleaner for all rooms on hand!

Crystal Wash Laundry Balls – Clothes that come out cleaner than with laundry soap and yet removes odor and more? Yes please… 1000 loads of laundry for $59? Another resounding YES! These amazing balls have been conquering my kids’ uniforms and more fantastically for years. ZERO chemicals have helped clear up Eczema on our skin and much more. COVID made me so thankful to have a huge supply of laundry capabilities without fighting the lines at the store.

These items kept us healthy (and sane) through the lockdowns for sure. I have continued to use all of these to reduce our times in the store as well.

Indoor Winter Gardening

I’ve been reading a ton about Glyphosate and it’s negative impacts on the food chain and our bodies lately. In regards to COVID, anything causing our bodies to not perform their best impacts our general wellness. To make my family’s(and my own) bodies as healthy as possible and also as a calming tool for my mental wellness, I began gardening indoors this winter.

What does this look like? Grow lights and a small area of our basement and kitchen dedicated to growing lettuces and vegetables and mushrooms indoors.


JuicePlus’ TowerGarden creates the ability to grow 20+ plants in a compact area indoors with built in grow lights. This year I chose to grow herbs, lettuces, sweet peppers, cucumbers and celery indoors. The TowerGarden is self feeding and watering and uses no dirt so no weeding is necessary. This is a system I’ve often used outside to grow but chose to move it inside this year and get it’s full capacity of use! The foods from this garden are bursting with flavor and it’s fun to have the kids watch their own food grow. I highly recommend this system!


Stl-medspa-wellnessI wanted to add some smaller indoor gardens to the house as well and we have a windowsill in the kitchen that’s perfect for that. AeroGarden is a compact system that’s great from kitchen counters and small spaces. This year I added two small systems and grew cherry tomatoes and herbs and lettuces in our windowsill. With grow lights that automatically turn off and on, plus auto watering and easy feeding, it’s hard to not be successful with this system.

Wild MushroomsIndoor-mushroom-growing-wellness

Mushrooms are super healthy and delicious. It’s super easy to grow them indoors. Most of these systems are SOOOOOO easy to grow. Literally bags with easy instructions (many times you are just misting them a few times a day) can net you up to 10 POUNDS of Mushrooms that are incredibly delicious. I’ve grown Oyster Mushrooms,  Lions Mane Mushrooms, Pioppinos and Shitakes. The bags make so much volume that I have to give some of them away! My favorite supplier of this product is Nearby Naturals if you’re interested in growing them yourself.


wellness-stlThese baby greens are PACKED with nutrition and delicious tender taste. They are incredibly simple to grow. You simply put a mat in some water and let them be, then peel the covering off and let them grow again! Usually I can go from planting to harvest in as little as 10 days. We add them to fish, salad, steaks, sauces and more in our house. They are great for digestion and loaded with nutrients! My favorite supplier for MicroGreens is HAMAMA. Their system only requires water and very little light to make a great product!

Because COVID has been a trying time but it can also be a great time of awakening. So we will all have the long term benefits of taking better care of ourselves if we use this time to work on wellness!

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

-Jennifer is a blogger, mom and owner of Elemental Esthetics in St Louis, MO

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