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How Two Devices Helped My Confidence and Progress On My Weight Journey


If you read my previous blog about my weight battle this is the second part of that series. o if you haven’t read the first part… read on and swing back to the other blog when you’re finished (the link is at the end.)

As someone who has battled the “bulge” in specific parts of your body or even all over, you already know all the challenges of weight loss. And if you’re stuck on a hurdle or even on the other side of weight loss you may have found some new challenges. In my battle, I found a couple of devices that truly helped me through and after the process with the issues of stubborn fat pockets and loose hanging skin. What were those solutions? Follow along!

Stubborn Fat Pockets

Most of us, no matter how close to our goal weight we get, have a pocket or two of fat that never budges. I call it “genetic fat.” That belly pooch, the arm waddle, the saddlebag, the banana roll, the merged thighs, the double chin…. I could go on forever! Many times this is our bodies’ genes pushing the stuff into those areas. My personal area has always been the belly pooch (especially post-baby).

In the middle of my weight loss journey I began to research cosmetic devices that help with these stubborn pockets of fat. With literally 12 months of searching, I finally found a device that worked reliably for these issues. Was it CoolSculpting? TruScupt3D? Emsculpt? I assessed most of those (you can read about them here….) but in the end we landed on the InMode Contoura. This is a truly innovative device using RF energy and an electrical pulse to destroy fat under the skin with zero downtime.

The Contoura

The Contoura is amazing because it works on TWICE the area of CoolSculpting with an average fat reduction of 1-4 inches in 6-8 treatments. This PERMANENT removal of fat happens relatively quickly with a very visible result. And unlike with CoolSculpting, it also tightens the skin at the same time!

I did 6 treatments in the middle of my weight loss journey and found it exciting and motivating to see my results. My stomach not only shrank in my stubborn area but even pulled in tightening the skin on the sides of my waist as well! Once finished with your series, the results are permanent.

My before/after photo:


This works great on many areas of stubborn fat, here is another example (not of me!):



Skin Tightening

If your weight loss has left behind loose skin, we have also successfully used it to tighten saggy areas of skin in a ton of areas. This can be done alone without doing the fat removal and provides absolutely amazing results as well! Here is an example:


How does this procedure work? 6-8 skin tightening treatments can be done to lift sagging parts back to where they belong. It’s comfortable (like a warm massage) and highly effective! It does need to be repeated periodically to maintain results. I used the skin tightening (and a little cheek filler) to help improve my neck sag after I completed my weight loss. Here are my before/afters (please excuse my befores, I took them very, very quickly!!):




Talk about confidence boosting! Having your neck or face (or any other part of your body) hang after weight loss is thoroughly frustrating!

The Plasma Pen

The other fight I had with my body was fat loss in areas that made me look older. In particular, around my mouth. The upside to being a bit pudgy is that it keeps your face young and supple but in the face of good weight loss, I lost volume where I needed it. After I was finished losing weight the Plasma Pen arrived in the US and I was overjoyed to try it out on this area of battle around my mouth.

The Plasma Pen restores collagen and elastin loss from general aging by creating controlled damage to the tissue. To learn ALL the ins and outs of Plasma Pen, check out my blog https://elementalesthetics.com/what-is-a-fibroblast-treatment-plasma-pen. I used this great machine to help with those lines around my mouth that were left after weight loss. Here is my progression photos during the treatment:


Between a tighter tummy and neck and my new lower face, these two devices did an amazing job boosting my satisfaction. And gave me much needed confidence with my appearance during and after my weight loss journey.

So those were my tricks and machines that helped me feel better. I hope my story gives you some inspiration as well. For more information on my weight loss journey or these amazing machines, check out my other blogs below!

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

-Jennifer is a blogger, mom and owner of Elemental Esthetics in St Louis, MO

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