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Are You Sure Your Laser Technician Is Certified?

is-laser-safeEven if you go to the best doctor’s office or MedSpa in town, did you know your laser technician might not be certified? I know this seems like an absolutely silly question to the average person who frequents a spa. I, personally, was a spa junkie in my past (that’s how I ended up in this business), and I never thought for a second to ask this question. After 16+ years in the business, I’m here to tell you, it’s a question you HAVE to ask!

The downside to providing laser services in a MedSpa is obviously the expense. The machines are expensive, the training is excessively expensive (think thousands of dollars…), and the maintenance is expensive (think $10,000 per year  PER MACHINE on average). Unfortunately that means that businesses will cut corners to save $$.

Even some of the FANCIEST, most-ELITE spas have machines purchased used from other Medspas.

I’ve even worked at an expensive spa where some of the laser equipment was purchased from EBAY! This is one way they cut corners for sure, so beyond asking if your tech is certified, you do have a right to know where (and when) they purchased their equipment as well. If you want to read more about my feelings on used equipment, check my former blog, Why Buying Your Beauty Services From Groupon Seldom Pays Off.

The MedSpa business can have a high turnover. Technicians move around, change jobs etc. If you’ve had a hairdresser for a long period of time, you know exactly what I’m talking about. To spend thousands of dollars training new technicians can also cost a fortune. So what do they do instead? Some person inside the spa trains the new guy how to run the $60,000 laser. Have you ever played telephone as a kid? You know how that turns out…

so why would it be ok for that technician who has 3rd, 4th or 5th hand information to be running a scary piece of equipment on your face?

A MedSpa on the up and up will not do this. Unfortunately, in 16+ years, I’ve only worked 2 places that actually made sure this was done correctly. As an insider I felt it important to share it with YOU, the consumer as well.

So what do you do?

  • When scheduling an appointment for laser, ask good questions about the machines being used on you.
  • Make sure to ask when was the last time the laser was maintenanced?
  • Once you arrive, ask to see the technician’s certificate for the laser being used on you.
  • Ask if your technician has done continuing education on the laser they are using on you.

This isn’t information that’s going to get volunteered to you so make sure you ask the questions!

I cannot reiterate enough that you cannot assume that just because you’re at a nice or swanky MedSpa or even in a doctor’s office that your technician knows what they’re doing.



– Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

Jennifer is a blogger, a mom and the owner of Elemental Esthetics.

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