Spring 2018 Nail Trends!

Runway and “real-way” have really come together this season.

We are seeing a lot of nail trend looks strolling down the runway that can directly translate to everyday wear.  Neutral colors, all those super light and soft taupe and beige that hit the nail scene hard last year, are still holding a top trend spot for spring.  Additionally, we will see a strong pastel presence with CND’s new shades… so soft and pretty.


Artists, don’t you worry.  Decorating your nails is still the thing to do.  Be it a party nail with a pop of color or ten long sparkling swords, nail art is always the perfect accessory.

Individuality is staying strong in spring.  Literally, anything goes!

CND co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold says:

“This is our most tempting take on self-expression yet. Whether you have a sweet tooth, hip hop street edge or unpredictable layers of complexity – this season, you have full permission to indulge with the Chic Shock Collection.”

How do you know which trend is for you?

Here’s the thing… how you feel about a color literally will be the indicator for how good it looks on you.  If you are not comfortable in your chosen shade (or style), it will not look good, BUT if  you LOVE it, no matter what “it” is, you WILL wear it well!  No more “I’m too old for nail art” or “it doesn’t look good on me”.

Enjoy any color that catches your eye and makes you smile!


Nails are 10 pieces of jewelry that any woman can wear.  Enjoy!!

-Written by Jennifer Kopolow, an amazing Microblader, Laser Technician and Nail Specialist!

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