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Spring 2018 Nail Trends!

Runway and “real-way” have really come together this season. We are seeing a lot of nail trend looks strolling down the runway that can directly translate to everyday wear.  Neutral colors, all those super light and soft taupe and beige that hit the nail scene hard last year, are still holding a top trend spot […]

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How Your Body’s Inflammation Is Hurting Your Skin, Joints and Increasing Your Risk of Cancer

In honor of National Cancer Prevention Month I wanted to discuss something that effects ALL areas of your body. An issue that shows high chances of increasing your risks of acne inflammation, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, obesity, and diabetes. What is it? CHRONIC INFLAMMATION. And there […]

February Specials

The Spark Plus  SAVE $145 Looking for a dramatic results?  The Spark Plus will not disappoint. Reduction/Removal of age spots Reduction/Removal of redness/rosacea Reduction/Removal of broken capillaries Smoothing/Tightening of the skin Reduction of pore size Reduction/Removal of black hairs and peach fuzz Reduction of wrinkles Overall brightening effect on the skin VALENTINE’S DAY PROMOS ~ […]