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10 Great Items That Will Improve Your Next Vacation

Vacation time has already hit full swing but I wanted to give you a few fresh ideas to pack for your next trip, check out this list of ideas that can make your vacation even better!

#1 Sun Blocking Clothing

Sun fitness shirt

Do you and the kids despise rubbing sunscreen all over yourselves? Sun clothing is amazing, cool and gives you the benefit of protecting your skin as well. The company Coolibar was the first to get the official thumbs up from the Skin Cancer Association and they have an amazing variety of sun clothing for the whole family. Check them out here!

#2 Stylish Sun Hat


Don’t buy your next sun hat from the gift shop at your resort! You’ll either pay too much for it or you’ll find it completely falls apart on you. Grab a great hat at a great price from The San Diego Hat Company, and protect your face in style! Check out their selection here…



#3 Your Favorite Waterproof Sunscreen

It’s inevitable that some sweating is usually involved in most vacations. It’s definitely time to pack and use your favorite waterproof sunscreens. Also feel free to read my whole blog about sunscreen selection here. My personal favorites are below:

Colorescience Sunforgettable Powder Sunscreen – an amazing sunscreen that carries easily in any purse and brushes on your face quickly. Great for powdering the kids before the pool as well!

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 – a super light liquid, waterproof sunscreen that doesn’t clog you or feel heavy on your face. It has a little pigment in it too so it’s not pasty white on your face.


Osmosis UV Neutralizing Water – an unbelievable sunscreen that you drink for protection. Just a few ml of this water will protect from the sun’s rays and all you have to do is squirt it in your mouth. I’ve used this product for years on myself and the kids, it works fantastically! For more information, click here…. It is a product that I can order for you if you’d like to try it.

Blue Lizard Sunscreen – by far the best body sunscreen available! Very sun stable and protective and works fantastically in the water. Check out their whole line of products here.


#4 A Sarong


This light weight clothing product can serve a ton of uses on vacation. Try using it as a skirt, dress, tablecloth, shawl, cover up or even a picnic blanket! Sassy Sarongs has some fun options to choose from, check out their selection here…

#5 A Power Bank


These amazing portable devices fit in your purse and can completely charge up an iPhone, iPad, Samsung device, you name it, while you’re jetting around the world. The Lepow Poki is a cool, stylish device that can easily charge you on the go while taking up little space in your purse or carry on. This is something that I actually carry around with me beyond vacation, it’s a great way to keep your devices charged easily. You can learn more about the Lepow Poki here…


#6 Ms Clean Lingerie Bag by Anna Moi


Instead of a plastic bag for your bra and underwear while you’re on the road, try out this fun lingerie bag! Start out with your clean intimates and come home with the dirty ones all in one spot. So cute and fun, this is a great travel accessory! Shop her selection here.

#7 Water Friendly Mascara


If you have light eyelashes like I do, it’s hard to run around without mascara during vacation without looking like a zombie. Using regular mascara might make you look even more like a zombie though with sweating and swimming and more. My personal favorite all around mascara is Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. It stays in place very well and makes your lashes look AMAZING at the same time, plus it will wash off easily at the end of the day. Learn more about it here…

#8 An Amazing Water Bottle That Filters Out Even Viruses!

If you’re a big water drinker the last thing you need on vacation is bad water. Regardless if you’re traveling to Florida or Africa, Grayl has an amazing water bottle for you. Their technology filters out the worst of what’s in travel water, and obviously it’s useful at home too. You can see their whole product line here…but check out this video about how it works.


#9 A Great First Aid Kit

If you have kids, or if you’re clumsy, a small, easy-to-pack First Aid Kit is a must have. Here is one that packs well and has lots of great stuff in it. Check it out on Amazon here…

First aid kit

#10 Antibacterial Wipes


The Today Show did a 3 episode series about how dirty air travel is, finding fecal matter, highly infectious “human bacteroides,” and much more in many places through the airport and on the plane. You can read the full report here, but regardless, having a great antibacterial wipe is definitely a travel necessity! My personal favorite is the Travel Lite Wipe. These convenient pocket-sized, germ-busting disinfectant wipes are individually wrapped so they don’t dry out. I love that they are alcohol-free, so they won’t sting or dry out your skin. I personally use them to wipe areas down, not just my hands! Check out their product here…

There’s always more to add but these are my top ten! Let me know you’re favorites next time I see you.

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

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