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10 Quick Tips About Skincare

Here are some fast, simple ways to keep your face looking great with and without makeup!

1. Wash Your Face Twice A Dayglowingskin-5248-thumb1

I know this sounds like a pain and at the end of an exhausting day is tough to do, but it literally takes 2 minutes to get your face washed and it makes a huge difference in your skin. Add and keep this in your regimen and I promise it will keep you looking great!

2. Always Put Your Sunscreen On

sunscreenIf you do NOTHING else every morning, at least quick apply your sunscreen. Those incidental rays through your car and office window make a huge impact on how fast you age.


3. Some Antioxidants Last 48 Hours

If you’re going to skip a product, you can give your Vitamin C serum an every other day rest. Most of the high quality C Serums hold out for 48 hour protection.2011-skinceuticals4-300_3

4. If You Need Pigment Removing Products Skip Everything That Isn’t Hydroquinone

There are a zillion lightening agents on the market but at the end of the day Hydroquinone is the only product that works. Stop wasting your valuable time and money on other products and just come get a prescription.

5. Retin A Is Inexpensive And More Effective Than Retinolsretin a

If you want the best bang for your buck on exfoliating products, you’re better off getting a Retin A prescription than buying any retinol over the counter. Many times there are great products that your doctor can call in for you for as little as $35 and they definitely work better. On the quick tip side, you don’t even have to put it on every night for it to work!

6. Skip Your Toner

There used be days when toner was a required product but most products are properly Ph Balanced and therefore no toner is necessary. To save time in your daily routine, toss the Toner and move on!

7. Don’t Go To Bed With Your Makeup Onmakeup wipes

If I can’t talk you into fully washing your face every night at the very least use a makeup removing towelette to get that makeup off your face! Throw them next to your bed and give yourself a quick wipe instead of letting it smear all over your pillowcase.

8. The Clarisonic Brush Totally Works

I highly recommend using a Clarisonic brush, especially in the shower. It’s a 2 minute daily facial and it truly makes a difference. By choosing the proper brush head it is even safe for folks with rosacea!Clarisonic

 9. Use Your Foundation For A Perfectly Matched Concealor

concealor brushNeed to quickly, seamlessly conceal a spot on your face? Dip a concealor brush (or any short tipped makeup brush) into your foundation and use it to cover the spot. The short bristles pick up more pigment and give you perfectly blended coverage!

10. For A Quick Party Glow Press One Drop Of Vitamin C Oil On Top Of Your Makeupoil drop

Want a gorgeous, glowing party face? Put a single drop of Vitamin C oil into your hands and press it into your fully makeup’d face! It won’t remove any makeup, it will just give you an awesome, dewy finish!


Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

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