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5 Easy Tricks To Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best

When I get compliments that my skin looks good I always say “it isn’t easy….it requires work…” but there are a few simple ways that you can make an easy difference in your skin!

Trick #1 – Wash your makeup off…always!54dc4dfd63bf3_-_sev-makeup-face-final-de

Seriously…are you still sleeping in your makeup?!? It literally takes me 2 MINUTES TOPS to at least wash my face off. Even if you don’t bother to put a single other product on your face at least do this. Out too late? Drink too much? Throw some facial cleansing cloths in your night stand and spend 30 seconds getting it off still. I promise your skin with thank me!

Need more reinforcement? Read this article http://www.seventeen.com/beauty/makeup-skincare/advice/a25085/reasons-you-shouldnt-sleep-in-makeup/


Trick #2 – Drink some nutrition for your skin

girl with coconutWater is truly the best source of plumping in your skin. Look tired? Drink some water. Got a headache? Some water can truly make a difference. But these days water is not your only option of liquid nutrition for your skin. There’s some amazing developments in what we know can help your skin. There are great options in regular drinks (see suggestions from Dr Oz here…) that can help but there’s also new powders and concoctions that can boost your skin’s clarity and glow. Check out a few of them here…http://www.wellandgood.com/good-looks/healthy-beauty-drinks-for-great-skin/

Trick #3 – Try to get some sleep…it makes you prettier

beauty sleep

Dark, sunken in eyes are only attractive if you are a runway model during a show, outside of that, it’s not making you look pretty. I know we get the “go to sleep” mantra beat into us about everything to do with our bodies but at the end of the beauty sleep is not a myth!

A Swedish sleep study found that “sleep-deprived people appear less healthy, less attractive and more tired compared with when they are well rested,” wrote the researchers. Check out the whole study here…http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/12/15/beauty-sleep-is-no-myth-s_n_797242.html

Trick #4 – Wear sunscreen on your face year round


Hey guess what…the sun is still shining in the winter! You might not be hot and sweaty but it’s still beaming down on you as you run around to and from work or running your kids around or even to the grocery store. I know Vitamin D is important but you can get your dose in just 20 minutes of exposure even in winter. Keeping that sun off at least your face year round is a simple and extremely effective way to stay younger looking! If you asked me what my personal secret to looking younger than I am I would easily point to my regular (and high quality) sunscreen use!

Want to learn more about sunscreen? Check out my older blog about it here….

Trick #5 – Protect your face with an antioxidant

AntioxidantsAntioxidants are an easy way to block and prevent damage on your skin, it’s literally like planting a wall between your face and the world. Studies show that antioxidants on the skin play a significant role in potential damage and aging to the skin and can have equal benefits to sunscreen! Adding them to your routine is simple and effective.

I LOVE ANTIOXIDANTS! So much so that I wrote an entire blog about it and you can read it here…

These are fast, easy tricks to keeping your skin looking amazing with little effort!

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

-Jennifer is a blogger, mom and owner of Elemental Esthetics in St Louis, MO




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