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5 Myths About Nails

Jennifer Kopolow is guest blogging today. I hope you enjoy it!

I’ve been a nail tech since 1991, and an educator for CND from 2008 – 2014.  I get asked all kinds of questions about nails and nail services from nail techs and from clients.  These are my top five!

Myth #1 – You shouldn’t cut your cuticles.woman-cutting-cuticles-625km092713

You can absolutely cut your cuticles.  You just should know what your cuticles are first.  Cuticles are the non-living tissue that takes a ride on your nail as it shreds from you CUTICLE SEAL.  You can’t cut your cuticle seal.  Most people, including many nail techs, confuse this part of the anatomy.  The cuticle seal is the structure that completely surrounds the nail.  Its function is to close and opening to the body.  It is living tissue and should not be cut.  If cut, the body sees itself as injured.  Hang nails develop and the cuticle seal will callus over time with continued cutting.

Myth #2 – Nail lamps cause skin cancer.

NO! NO! NO!  Studies prove over and over and over again that this is not true.  “According to a recent study in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, researchers found that a salon client would need approximately 250 years of weekly manicures that involve the use of UV nail lights to develop the same risk of sun exposure as just one round of photo therapy sessions used to treat various skin conditions…” .  Additionally, lamps that cure nail products are 99% UVA, the safest on the UV spectrum. For more in depth details about this read on here…

Myth #3 – LED light is safer that UV light.CND wrench

News flash…all light is UV!  LED lights are actually UV lights because they emit light that is with the UV spectrum… Nails Magazine.

Myth #4 – Gel manicures ruin your nails.

Manicurists ruin your nails!  No Board of Cosmetology approved chemical services ruin your nails.  How your technician treats your nails determine the health of your nail follow any nail service.  If the tech treats your nails properly, and this includes educating you on proper home care, then your nails will remain healthy if not healthier than before your service.

Myth #5 – Your nails continue to grow after you die.

Not true.  After death the skin around the nail recedes a bit.  This gives the illusion that the nail has grown.

Never be afraid to get a fantastic service done.  Just do your homework and make sure you are going to a professional, a technician who knows what they are doing and has a passion for their profession.  Unfortunately accidents happen but by enlarge you should never be saying “ouch” during a manicure.

Jennifer Kopolow has been a nail professional since beauty school in 1991 but has worked in education as an Education Ambassador (EA) for CND, creators of CND Shellac.  As an EA, Jennifer had the opportunity to travel the country, experiencing all different areas of the business.



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