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What Breakouts On Your Face Are Telling You About The Rest Of Your Body: Face Mapping

face mapping


Do you tend to constantly break out in the same spots and yet your best friend’s acne is in a completely different location? Way before modern medicine doctors used issues with skin (both on the face and body) to help them determine different ailments in the body. This old medicine method when used on the face is called Face Mapping. It can help you have insight about the things going on inside you that effect your acne breakout locations. Here are a few locations for breakouts and what they might be saying about your body.


forehead-acneIt’s generally accepted that forehead acne links to liver, gallbladder and digestive issues. Did you just have the stomach flu? You might find yourself breaking out on your forehead afterwards. Are you prone to liver imbalance? You might see pigment form on your forehead as well as acne. A healthy, balanced diet can improve forehead acne as well as a whole food diet with less processed foods. I once had a client stop drinking Diet Coke and her forehead magically cleared up!


The cheeks tend to link to your respiratory system. Are you allergy prone? Have you had Bronchitis or Pneumonia? What about Asthma issues? These types of issues/illnesses tend to show up on your cheeks. They are tough to fix which is why when you see cheek break outs, they are hard to conquer permanently. Do your best to clear those lungs and you may see a little reduction in cheek acne. Maybe consider Yoga or learn some breathing techniques!


Regular blackheads are a common nose breakout issue and when I discuss acne and facial mapping, I pretty much focus on whiteheads and cysts that show in these areas. Many times when I see nose breakouts like this and I ask about IBS and other digestive issues I find a link, especially if there’s significant redness in the nose too. Unfortunately IBS is a tough illness to control but you may see improvements in nose breakouts with improvements in the control of IBS.

Under The Eyes

eyes cucumberBreakouts under the eyes, as well as puffiness and dark circles have generally been linked to kidney issues. The eyes tend to show us the need for hydration, for cleansing the body and much more. Try reducing your salt intake and drinking lots of water to help with issues under the eyes. Higher blood pressure can affect your kidneys and will show more issues around the eye area too.


Heavy chin and jawline breakouts are nearly always linked to hormone imbalance and stress. This means that you will frequently see this change as stress increases or with changes in your hormones and cycle. Frequently the hormone imbalance is related to high testosterone but fortunately there’s a great medication that helps with that. Ask your Dermatologist about Spironolactone to help with this issue.

Around the Mouth

covering-her-mouthThe mouth area can be a hormone area as well, a lot more cycle related breakouts occur here. Some even say that tiny whiteheads above the lip can indicate ovulation in women. I will say that lately we have seen a significant rise in breakouts here related to whitening toothpastes too. If you have tiny little red breakout acne around the mouth, try switching to regular toothpaste and see if it improves. It may take medication to fully rid yourself of it.


If you’re having whitening around the edges of the tongue or tiny breakouts/irritation there you’re likely eating too many processed foods. Some even say it indicates that you are taking too many supplements! Try adding more whole foods into your diet and you’ll likely see that clear up.


Sometimes we can learn a lot from techniques used in the past to assess health. Using Face Mapping is an old technique that can truly teach you a lot about what’s going on inside of you!

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

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