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7 Sunless Tanning Options That Are As Good As The Sun


I’m going to work each month to provide you with some of my personal favorite items available on the market. Since summer has definitely arrived and as a gal who has personally had skin cancer in the past but doesn’t enjoy being pale all summer, I have tested my share of sunless options. Here are my personal favorites!

#1 St Tropez Self Tan Dark Mousse

I absolutely love this formula, it applies streak free and actually smells good. It gives me a fantastic, dark tan in a single application. At this point I can apply it on my entire body in less than 10 minutes! I definitely recommend buying the tanning mitt with it for optimum application without mess. Click here for more information…


#2 Dark Tan On A Budget – TanWise

If you want a deep, dark tan that doesn’t break the bank and removes more evenly than others, this is your tanner! Go for the mousse version as it applies in a more even pattern and definitely use gloves with it. You will get a little more sunless tanning smell from this than the St Tropez but that only lasts a day. Check it out here…

#3 Shine Sunless Tanning Salon

Sometimes I just don’t have the patience to apply sunless tanner at home and I just want to jump into a booth and get sprayed quickly. I absolutely LOVE the Versaspa booth for this. It’s an open air booth so you don’t feel claustrophobic or surrounded by spray, it also has a built in heater so you don’t have to freeze while you’re being sprayed. My absolute favorite place for this version of spray tan is the Shine Sunless Tanning Salons. They have several locations in the St Louis area so they’re very convenient to use and the staff is super nice too. You can get your first tan free if you’d like to try them out and their tanning plans are extremely affordable. Check them out here… If you’re outside the St Louis area, check out VersaSpa’s website here for locations of this machine near you.


#4 Fake Bake Lotion

If you prefer applying a lotion to a mousse at home, I love Fake Bake Lotion. It provides by far the darkest of tanners that you can apply at home and because of the guide color it’s virtually impossible to mess up. Because of its dark, rich color, you will definitely need gloves to apply it. It’s down side is the scent, you will definitely have the sunless tanner smell with this product but if you use it at night and wash off in the morning, you’ll be fine for the following day. Check it out here… They also have a new product that provides your tan in 60 minutes, I haven’t tried it yet but may when I run out of the product I have at home!


 #5 Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

If you’re someone that wants to build your sunless tan over days, Jergens has been the “go-to” product for awhile. Simple to use and to also get your daily moisture in as well. For me, I prefer the instant gratification of the straight-up sunless tanners but if you are more of a progressive person, this would be the one to try. Check out more information here…


#6 Airbrush Tanning

Of all the ways that you can get a fake tan, nothing truly beats someone spraying it on you. There are far more color options from the darkest to the lightest too. The secret is finding a place that does it well and having a technician that knows what they’re doing. Read your google reviews well before doing this service, there’s nothing worse than an expensive and poorly applied airbrush tan! Definitely look for the Norvell brand of tanning for the prettiest and most natural looking color.



#7 St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Facial Oil

One of the tough problems with sunless tanning for my clients is keeping the sunless tan on their faces. With the great products we use at home, it doesn’t take much for that sunless face tan to disappear. The St Tropez Dry Facial Oil has better staying power than many sunless tanners and it’s designed specifically for the face. Simple to apply with satisfying, long-lasting color. Check it out here…


The old days of orange, icky sunless tanning have truly passed! There’s no reason to destroy your skin in the sun or in a tanning bed anymore. Give a few of these a test run – I promise you’ll be more than happy with your results!

* Testimonials do not represent a guarantee of results for more information click here.