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The Hottest New Technology Is Improving Medical Spa Services

Technology is changing the landscape of all kinds of businesses from Uber to cutting the cable to self driving cars to drones. The beauty industry is no different! Are you getting the latest, most effective technology used on your face, body and more?

I came to esthetics after years of working in technology and I rode the wave of cellular phone changes, website changes and much more long before most folks (I was selling dial up software way back in 1990!!) My taste for the best is now translating into fantastic innovation at Elemental Esthetics as well. We have truly acquired fresh techniques, materials and machines for our industry to provide the greatest, most effective (and many times painless) results! Here are some of our newest technologies and how they are keeping you ahead of everyone else:

RadioFrequency MicroNeedling

If you’ve followed me for awhile you are aware I’m not a big fan of traditional microneedling. It’s ineffective, it’s painful and there’s a high risk of infection or worse! But wanting to stay with demand is important to me and we were getting lots of calls for microneedling so I started thinking…I wonder if there’s lasers that do this. After much searching we found the fantastic Cartessa Vivace, microneedling technology with low risk and great results. What makes it different than traditional dermapen or microneedling services?

  • It penetrates deeper – RF microneedling actually penetrates deeper than the traditional way providing you a much better result.
  • It’s safer – There is a high risk of cross contamination in the devices used for non-laser based microneedling. The Vivace completely sanitary gold plated needles, they are fully disconnected from the machine head, preventing all risks of cross-contamination.
  • It works better on acne scarring – Acne scars are small, tough patches of thick damaged skin. RF Microneedling breaks the material up far better than just poking holes in it. We can actually focus energy right into the spots several times providing a targeted and effective result.
  • You can adjust the depth and intensity – RF Microneedling can be a mild, easy treatment or a deep, face-changing service by changing the number of passes and the level of intensity used during the treatment. This allows for a much wider array of options for you, the client! Traditional microneedling has limited variables to change the outcome.

How does it work? See here:

The OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial vs Traditional Microdermabrasion

Traditional Microdermabrasion has been around forever and is a great service but the emergence of new technology is blowing away the results of microderm and blazing a new trail of facial options with only a slightly higher price tag! The addition of CO2 to the exfoliation process and ultrasound at the end of the treatment is generating such a phenomenal impact that folks can’t get enough of it. How are they different?

Traditional microderm uses a wand with diamonds crushed on the tip combined with suction to reduce textural issues, fine lines and wrinkles and more. It does a good job of mild exfoliation with little downtime. It can be followed with a mask but isn’t always done that way.

The OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial uses a gritty tip infused with CO2 on a special serum to not just effect the top layers of skin but helps the body flood the skin with oxygen repairing tissue far deeper than traditional microderm. The level of improvement in texture is DRAMATIC leaving behind soft, smooth skin. The other advantage to the OxyGeneo is ultrasound infusion. The initial exfoliation prepares the skin to be ready for superior product penetration. While even Ultrasound alone has proven to tighten skin, when combined with a serum customized for your face you can end with a dramatic wow-factor with this new technology. Why settle for traditional microderm when this is available to you?

How does it work?

TCA Peels vs ViPeel


Traditional TCA Peel

A decade ago TCA was the gold standard in removing pigment from the skin and tightening it. While an extremely uncomfortable (and expensive) service with significant and ugly downtime (at least a week with a terrible face – see photo) it was still heavily used back then. Thank goodness for new technology! Vitality Institute figured out how to tweak the amazing benefits of TCA by dialing the percentage of the concentrate back and combining it with Hydroquinone, Salicylic Acid, Retinoid Acid, Phenol, Glycolic Acid, and Vitamin C. This combination gives you amazing results with only 3 days (or so) of minor peeling allowing you big results over just a weekend! Additionally it is significantly less expensive than its older companion.

VIPeel Before and After (3 peel result):


RF Skin Tightening vs Ultherapy  or CoolSculpting or Liposonix

Skin tightening (and fat reduction) is tricky and there are endless options available on the market. What are the advantages/disadvantages of the best known technologies?


Contoura RF Skin Tightening – We chose this machine after assessing a whopping 5 devices before we purchased it. Why did we choose it?

It works. It’s painless. Reliable. Affordable. It can be used on the face, neck, eyes, arms, legs and buttocks. It’s nearly impossible to mess up. You see results in weeks, not months. There’s no downtime. This made it a no-brainer, so how does it differ from it’s competitors? Read more about it here…

Ultherapy – In my opinion Ultherapy has many disadvantages. It’s VERY expensive ranging from $2000-3000 or more per treatment. It takes 6 months to see results! It works only on the face and neck. Results only last a year or so and you have to repeat it. It’s insanely painful (there’s a doctor in town who uses morphine to get patients through the treatment!) Most folks have a few days (at least) of downtime. Each time you do it, it hurts MORE! It doesn’t seem to work on everyone effectively.

CoolSculpting – CoolSculpting has limited spots where it can be done because a large area of tissue has to go into the machine. It’s very painful to some and you can only work on a single area at a time. It takes months to get a result. But I believe it’s biggest disadvantage is there can be loose skin left behind that has to be treated later. Always remember heat=tight skin, cold=loose skin.

Liposonix – I speak with experience when I tell you that the Liposonix is a completely ineffective machine. The heads on the machine broke regularly during treatments leading to some folks with little to no result after spending sometimes thousands of dollars. It’s brutally painful requiring significant numbing yet still hurting. And it leaves significant swelling and bruising in it’s wake. After all that, it takes months to see your result. It is truly a disastrous device!

LaserCap For Hair ReGrowth

lcpro_fda-clearedIf you listen to the radio at all you’ve heard a zillion ways to regrow your lost hair but do any of them actually work? If you are struggling with hair loss issues you don’t just have to live with it. Our very own, Deb Poger, fought a serious battle with hair loss and has found the premium solution to fixing it. This amazing FDA approved technology uses a science-based light therapy to restore your follicles and it absolutely works! So powerful you have a to have a prescription to use it. Don’t try 18 other options and spend a fortune fixing your hair when we have the technology in our back pocket to help you out.

Effective and Relatively Painless Laser Hair Removal

laser hair banner

When the phone rings with Laser Hair Removal questions from strangers I always cringe. The market is saturated with 10-15 year old laser hair devices that are painful and completely ineffective. The technicians running these machines are seldom certified on them and many times don’t know what they’re doing. To top things off folks are charging next to nothing for the service (which seldom works btw.)

There’s a reason we charge a little more for laser hair removal (but thankfully not as much as Ideal Image charges.) We have the best machines in town for hair removal. Super fast, nearly pain free and effective hair removal is not impossible when you have the best devices. We have options from diode to IPL laser for hair removal depending on how challenging your hair is. By having both we can conquer any challenge at a very fair price. To seal the deal, everyone is certified on the devices. So throw away the terrible Groupon and come try hair removal that works!

We know that you want the best results possible so we continue to strive to provide you the best equipment, the best technicians and the best (and safest) results!

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

-Jennifer is a blogger, mom and owner of Elemental Esthetics in St Louis, MO

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