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Why Getting a Facial Every 4-6 Weeks Matters

Have you looked in the mirror lately? I mean more than just dashing on some makeup and tossing your hair back in a ponytail.   I mean looking around your eyes, at the texture of your skin, the color of your skinFacial Funny, the suppleness of your skin, really looking! Odds are if you are one of my regular facial clients you’re feeling pretty darn good about it. If you’re over the age of 20 and not getting some regular attention to your face, it’s time to start, because after 28, your skin is not doing well on its own anymore.

When we are young and fresh-faced and our skin is supple and amazing, we certainly don’t really think about cellular turnover because it happens beautifully and naturally. Once we hit the age of 28 though, that process significantly slows. The average person is turning over their skin cells every 28 days at the age of 28 but by the age of 45 it’s slowed to more like 40 days or more. If you can picture in the winter how there’s packed snow on the ground topped off by loose snow that’s a little bit how skin looks. Densely packed bottom layers of skin with loose piles of cells laying on top. Over time, the loose snow begins to look uneven as it accumulates; bumps and texture and visible wrinkles are indented in that loose snow. A regular facial helps to remove the loose debris and get down to the dense, firmly packed layer of skin underneatpowder-snowh. By coming every 4, 6 or even 12 weeks for a facial service I can return your facial skin to its better, tighter state. There are some things you could do at home to help with this process but the real tools to effectively exfoliate your skin are available only to a medical esthetician. And where I enjoy a good spa facial for relaxation, in the realm of effective exfoliation you could probably buy on your own the same products and do it yourself at home.



Facial-Before-AfterRecently, I went to a client/friends 40th birthday party. There were tons of women at the party with a mixture of folks that I work on regularly and folks that I don’t. Simply by looking at the faces in the crowd you could tell who were receiving professional care and who were not. There was a clear, defining line even though most of the women were near the same age in the group. Additionally, I recently saw a client who had taken a year off of her services due to expenses of building a new house. After just a year off, the changes in her skin were significant, even from a distance. Check out the difference in skin after just a single service.

Some people are genetically blessed with amazing skin, but for the rest of us a regular facial service can work wonders. Getting and staying on a regular schedule for facial services can be the difference between glowing, bright, even skin and dull, dry, tired skin. Come try it out for yourself, I think you’ll be happier with what you see in the mirror.

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