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How Your Hormones Are Affecting Your Skin

Hormones have big effects on how our skin looks and behaves, learn more about what your hormones are doing to change your appearance.
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Why Your SPF 70 Doesn’t Work As Well As An SPF 30

Summer is quickly arriving and so begins a world of questions regarding sunscreens for the face and body for me. It’s such a complicated subject, filled with marketing in your face and a ton of misinformation. I’m here to clear the confusion…
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How Do Antioxidants Work and Why You Should Be Using One On Your Face

If you’ve done any homework at all about what you should be using on your face you’ve probably bumped into someone or some article telling you to use Vitamin C. Lots of the time though you have absolutely no idea why you’re using it or…
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How Magnesium is Dramatically Changing My Body (And Why You Should Be Using It Too)

One of the greatest parts of my job is that I get to spend hours a day talking to some of the smartest women in St Louis. I always say that hanging out with all of you all the time provides me the “communal knowledge of women.” So I regularly…
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Why Getting a Facial Every 4-6 Weeks Matters

Have you looked in the mirror lately? I mean more than just dashing on some makeup and tossing your hair back in a ponytail.   I mean looking around your eyes, at the texture of your skin, the color of your skin, the suppleness of your skin,…