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8 Great Hostess (Or Girlfriend) Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season

So this week begins it all, the holiday season is officially upon us. Are you tired of giving your hostess flowers or wine? Here’s a few great hostess ideas to shake up your gift giving this season (and also just some great gift giving ideas in general!)

Champagne Gummy Bearschampagne bears

What?!? Champagne and Gummy Bears combined?! What could possible make your hostess grin more than a fun treat with a twist. Delicious and surprisingly inexpensive, check these out for your next hostess gift. Visit the Sugarfina website for not just this great idea but many other sweet ideas!

Jo Malone Candles


Rich, gorgeous scented candles made from real essential oils cannot be found at Bath and Body Works. Delight your host with quality candle that burns long and smells utterly amazing without the artificial tinge that many candles have. Try the mini size for gift giving but buy yourself a full size at home. You won’t be disappointed! Check out all of the options on Jo Malone’s website.


A Great Makeup Case


The case in your purse doesn’t have to be dumpy and cheap, why not excite your hostess with a great, high end makeup case! If you shop effectively, you don’t have to break the bank either. Check out this great case from the Kate Spade website, pretty and not expensive!


A Fun Eyeshadow Palette

Addiction Set of 3_2

A great gift that you can find easily on sites like Sephora, Urban Decay and even my website Younique. This is a fun way to surprise your hostess with some fun shadows for the same price as that bottle of wine. Who doesn’t love a little more makeup?


Gourmet Salts

gourmet salt sampler

I’ve been cooking with gourmet salts for quite some time now. There’s a richness and delicious flavor to them that is something special. They are earthy, bold and sometimes all you need to top off a dish to perfection. My favorite seller of specialty salts is the San Francisco Salt Company, buy your hostess a sampler of different gourmet salts and watch their surprise! PS You should consider some for your own home too, they are amazing!

Beauty Brush Set

makeup brush set

Not even I replace my brushes as often as I should, how about helping your hostess with a great brush set as her gift? Tons of options to choose from but here’s a good one that isn’t too expensive from Sephora. Target has some excellent options as well!


Bath Bombs and Specialty Soaps

bath bombs

Heading into a Lush Cosmetics location (you can find our location at the Galleria Mall) is like stepping into cosmetic heaven for me. So many amazing options to use at home. Probably my favorite item is their Bath Bombs, available is a huge array of options, check out one of their stores to smell them all or just try a few from Lush’s website. Such a cool hostess gift!


Mini Nailpolish Set


It’s incredibly fun to have a variety of nail polish choices, how about a mini set as a hostess gift idea? There are tons to choose from, check out this cool brand made in LA called Orly. Fun mini polish set ideas for any kind of hostess!

So toss out the flowers and drink the wine yourself while stirring things up for your favorite hostesses this holiday season!

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss


Leave your own Hostess Gift Ideas below and follow me on Twitter to continue learning about beauty and health issues.

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