My Secret To Inexpensive Designer Clothing, Accessories, Food and More….Subscription Services

I don’t know if it’s because I’m ridiculously busy or if I’m just not naturally a shopper, going to the store to buy products is incredibly low on my list of things I have time to do. The new development of rental/subscription services is one of the most amazing things EVER for me. Here are a few that either I have tried or my friends have recommended, what a great and simple way to get your food, jewelry, clothing, handbags or more!

Clothing Services

Gwynnie Bee


Have you admired that dress I was wearing at work? Well odds are that it was a rental! Nearly everything I wear to work is not mine. I get the majority of my wardrobe from Gwynnie Bee. This awesome subscription website provides me an endless wardrobe of clothing every month. You subscribe to the number of items that you’d like to have at a time, wear the clothes, DON’T even wash them and then send them back to them with free shipping. You choose the items yourself online and put them in your online closet and then the new items are chosen from there. It’s been beyond a fantastic service, especially as I’ve been losing weight because it allows me to simply change my size as my body changes. It’s only downside is that you have to be at least a size 8 to use their site. If you are in much bigger sizes the variety of options even through size 22+ is unbelievable. I will miss them terribly when I shrink out of their sizes but in the mean time, I LOVE IT!

Stitch Fix

stitch fixWould you prefer to own the clothes instead of renting them? I’ve had many a friend rave about Stitch Fix. With Stitch Fix you fill out an extensive personal profile to help them choose items for you. They include clothing and jewelry with their inventory. You receive 5 personalized items to your door on a schedule of your choosing (monthly, quarterly, you can even just do it one time!) It’s hand selected per your budget even. After your items arrive you choose what to keep and what to send back and just pay for what you love. Your styling fee goes toward the purchase of the items.


Do you love amazing handbags but don’t want to spend the high $$ to own them? Bag Borrow or Steal is the site for you. You can rent high end bags a month at a time and continuously change your bag or purchase high-end, gently used bags at a major discount. They have an amazing verification policy so you will definitely get the real deal from them. Why pay retail price ever again? Do you have a closet full of bags you won’t carry anymore? You can sell or even rent your old bags as well! What a great way to share your own used purses. This is a great site, if you carry nicer bags, it’s definitely worth checking out…


probio5_0001As someone who takes their vitamins seriously you can save quite a bit of money by having them auto-shipped to you. Regardless if you buy them from Amazon or other sites, get the auto ship option set up and save yourself some serious dough. I’m a big fan of the Plexus line of supplements, from their superior multivitamin XFactor, an affordable multi-vitamin that is one of the few products to have the right blend of nutrients in it to their ProBio5, by far the best probiotic that I’ve ever taken, I’ve had superior results from the line. They also have some amazing weight loss products that have helped me break a recent plateau. I’m also a fan of JuicePlus, an excellent way to make sure that you and your family are getting the fruits and vegetables that your body needs for the day. Most of us are not conquering fruits and vegetables in our daily intake, how about a great subscription service that makes sure you are getting them all in every day!



“I definitely have enough jewelry,” said no woman ever…how about an endless supply of different jewelry for $19 per month? The Rocksbox jewelry service gives you an endless variety of jewelry options shipped to your door, wear them for a week or a month or even longer and then send them back for more! They offer $10 in credit each month to purchase the things that you can’t part with. The average box value for 3 jewelry items is $200, what an amazing and inexpensive way to wear some great jewelry. Want to try it for a month for free? Use my special code on the site when you sign up: jenniferbff1154


ClarisonicDo you own the Clarisonic Brush? Did you know that you can have replacement brush heads sent to you every 90 days automatically? I have a hard time remembering when to change my brush head so I signed up for automatic shipment of my heads every 90 days. The cost of the heads is reduced and there’s no shipping charges. There’s no better way to manage your Clarisonic brushes!


Have you been blasted by the Dollar Shave Club ads and wondered how they are? As someone who was using the nicest women’s blade with the most expensive replacement heads, I’m here to tell you that the program is fantastic. I chose the middle blade at a measly $6 per month and they are working fabulously for me! I actually seem to be getting a far superior shave for significantly less money. PS I completely love their Dr Carver’s Shave Butter also.


Green Bean Delivery

green bean deliveryAs a mom, I’m constantly trying to find ways to provide the healthiest fruits and vegetables at the lowest possible price. If you prefer to purchase local and organic produce then you should definitely check out the Green Bean Delivery Service. Available in many states with only a $35 minimum purchase every 2 weeks, it’s an affordable way to purchase premium produce at a reduced price. The quality of the product is amazing and helps supports local growers as well. You pick out what you want online and they deliver it to your door every week or every other week. I highly recommend it!


Do you remember the old school milk delivery guy, bringing your parents’ milk right to their door? Well you can have that at your home too. Oberweis products are created without antibiotics and hormones and are delivered deliciously in glass containers right to your door. They charge less than at the store and pick those glass bottles back up each week and reuse them so they are helping the environment as well. They have more than just milk too including farm fresh eggs, ice cream, cheese, butter and more. Order weekly or bi-weekly with no minimum order.

Dinner In A Box

blue apronAre you just making meals for 2-4 and you need to shake up your menu or dine out less? There are new amazing subscription services where everything you need for an interesting and delicious meal is delivered to your home for far less than going out to dinner. These services have meals that run as low as $8 per meal (it costs that much to eat at most fast food restaurants these days) and generally take less than 30 minutes to prepare (it takes that long to drive somewhere, pickup food and bring it home.) Why not find a healthier way to eat for less at home? The 3 services with the highest ratings are Blue Apron, Plated and Hello Fresh. Take a look at each one and find the plan that works best for your taste buds!

So many great ways to save some $$ and get some great products delivered directly to your home. I definitely recommend trying a few of them and see how they make better use of your time and your money!

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss


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