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Inner BeautyWhat does it mean to have inner beauty?  How do you do it in the world we live in?

It’s easy to get discouraged in our world today.  Every time you turn on the news, open your social media or talk to someone in passing, you are bombarded with anger/frustrations, tragedies beyond words, or just bad news in general that can leave us feeling disgusted, depressed, deflated and sometimes hopeless, unable to see any indication that it will get better.

Where’s the beauty in the midst of that?

That answer is YOU (or at least it CAN be)!

When you think about people who you would describe as individuals that radiate beauty from deep within their soul, what is it that shines / sparkles in such a way that you cannot help but stop and take another look and soak in it?

For myself I know it’s far beyond the basic personality of someone.  It’s about their character which is a little harder to discern.

“Character includes traits that reveal themselves only in specific circumstances (and often uncommonly), traits Radiant Beautylike honesty, virtue, and kindliness” (Lickerman, 2011). 

How genuine is the person?  Are they considerate and kind?  Do they love and respect themselves and others?  Are they passionate about something, anything?  Is generosity (of any kind) at the heart of the person?  Are they strong and courageous?   Do they have a zest for life- a curiosity and drive for adventure, learning, and finding new ways to do things?  Are they supportive and inspirational?

These are the ingredients of a beautiful soul.

“That’s the thing about inner beauty: unlike physical beauty, which grabs the spotlight for itself, inner beauty shines on everyone, catching them, holding them in its embrace, making them more beautiful too.”  (Anonymous)

It’s ok if this doesn’t describe you right now.  The good news is that because character is shaped by one’s beliefs, with enough effort and motivation, through a change in perspective, the view of the world can be altered.  You CAN CHANGE!

 So, if you can be a better version of yourself (the BEST VERSION), who do you WANT to be?  What will you shine upon others to be the beauty in this tough world?

“You may remember a beautiful face for days, but you will remember a BEAUTIFUL SOUL FOREVER


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Stacy Pearson

-Stacy is an amazing mom, Family Educator, and the Office Manager at Elemental Esthetics in St Louis, MO

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