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How My Younique Makeup Line Has Slowly Taken Over My Makeup Bag

I have access to endless lines of makeup, beauty products, lotions and potions. Many of my clients tell me about the line of products they are selling or their friends are selling and I promise you, I have tried them all! So when I do finally bring in a line it is because I truly find it special. Ironically, when I brought in Younique makeup it was simply because I was obsessed with the mascara and didn’t really want to pay full price for it. Slowly over time, it has knocked out other pricier lines out of makeup bag from Nordstrom’s and Sephora and even spa lines like Jane Iredale. So I am doing you guys a disservice by not telling you all more about it! Here are my favorite products in the line, quite frankly, the ones that I use daily.


Forever, I have used mineral foundations like Bare Minerals and Jane Iredale. I’ve used both liquid and powder at different times. Mineral makeups resist bacteria so they prevent breakouts while still giving you great coverage. If you want an amazing foundation for the price, I promise you Younique will not disappoint you.


Powder Foundation

Younique’s powder provides soft coverage without looking chalky and laying in your wrinkles. It can easily cover mild pigmentation issues but is virtually weightless on your face. Most of the time people don’t even think I’m wearing foundation because of how it looks on my face. You can increase it’s level of coverage by changing out your brush. To get more coverage use a short bristled powder brush, for more lighter coverage use a long bristled powder brush.


Liquid Mineral Makeup Colors

Younique offers 2 different types of liquid coverage, a BB Cream that gives you coverage plus moisture or a Liquid Mineral Foundation that gives you the great coverage of a liquid foundation with the benefits of using a mineral foundation. There’s a wider array of colors in the liquid foundations so if you’re hard to match, choose it. If you want the benefits of coverage and moisture, the BB Cream cannot be beat. It’s lusciously rich with beautiful coverage.


I’ve used a zillion eyeliners from liquid to pencil and Younique’s Eyeliner simply cannot be beat. With the richness of liquid liner and super easy application it glides on to your lid with ease and doesn’t budge all day. There is a great array of colors to choose from and the black eyeliner won’t fade to blue as the day wears on! Check out this video about how it stays put:


blushWhen I first signed up with Younique they sent me small samples of all of the blushes. At first glance I was like…there’s no way I can wear any of these colors! Finally, begrudgingly, I tried one, then another, then another. You know what was crazy? I could wear ALL of their colors with ease. The mineral base of the blush and the richness of color requires you to apply very little of these blushes so they will last you forever. Use a long bristled brush for application, I like fan brushes. You can’t go wrong with Younique Blush!


Addiction Set of 3_2

When I first got my Younique makeup kit I was not impressed with their eyeshadows but recently, they have begun to knock out the Urban Decay that I used to use. The Cream Shadows are amazing if you like some sparkle to your shadow and they don’t get creased in your eyelid or budge till you wash them off. The new Addiction Shadow Palettes have amazing colors in them and truly stay put also. Here come your delicious eyes!



So I must confess that I do NOTHING but shea butter lip balm on my lips. I have heard over and over from my customers that Younique’s lip products are fantastic. So I can’t attest to it myself but definitely check it out!

Makeup Removing Cloths

One of the newest additions to the Younique line of makeup is these great Shine Eye Makeup Removing Cloths. They quickly and easily remove makeup and make your bedtime routine so much faster. They are made with sunflower and olive oils as well as vitamin E and won’t strip down your skin as much as the other makeup removers sold in the stores.


MascaraThe arena that I get the most compliments by far in the makeup department is my eyelashes. I totally, completely, utterly LOVE Younique’s 3D Fiber Lashes. The give me length and volume like no other mascara. It doesn’t flake off during the day, it is virtually waterproof and yet washes off easily at night. A layer of rayon fiber is the secret to these amazing lashes, it is the only lash product I’ve used since I first purchased it!


Well, that’s my makeup line that I’m using every day. If you love what you see, make sure to ask me about it the next time you’re in. It can slowly take over your makeup bag too!

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss


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