Spring is upon us and it’s my favorite time of year! It leads to changes in skin and health, here are a few tips to make spring more beautiful on you.

#1 – Don’t Forget To Put Your Sunscreen On


This is the time of year where it’s cool enough that we forget to

put our sunscreen on and before you know it, your shoulders/arms/chest are sunburned! Throw a travel size sunscreen in your purse or bag that you carry around with you so it’s easy to protect yourself. My personal favorite sunscreens for running around are the following:


Colorscience SPF Powder – So easy to brush on under or even over makeup. This easy powder is sweat and water resistant and it’s great for places like the top of your kiddo’s head or ears!

ZO Skin Health’s Oclipse C Broad Spectrum Sunscreen – An easy to carry tube with a high amount of Titanium Dioxide in it. It blocks the rays that give you ugly brown spots while leaving you with a gorgeous finish on your skin.

Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV – This full spectrum sunscreen goes on light yet gives you great coverage. It’s sweat and water resistant and won’t clog those pores. It also has a little tint in it so you don’t look pasty after you put it on. This product is in a great size for portability too!


#2 – Drink That Water!

watermelonIt’s not that hot out yet and the air is less dry than the winter so odds are you aren’t drinking as much water. If you look tired and run down, bumping that water content up by even 20 oz can really make a difference. Even choosing fruits and veggies that are packed with water can be a great way to supplement your H2O. Some great examples of water rich produce are watermelon, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, cucumber, lettuce, zucchini, radish and celery!


#3 – Put On Your Antioxidants and Enzymes

antioxidant_activityI’ve always been a big believer in antioxidants to protect your skin. There are studies that show that a great antioxidant can help your skin get 50% less damage from the sun and environmental pollutants which seriously slows the way time is marching on your face. Not all antioxidants are created equal so make sure you pick a quality product to get the best result! My personal favorites are Skinceuticals CE Ferulic or Phloritin CF, I also like their Resveratrol, it works fantastically on your neck and chest!

Recently, there is a new skin protector that is available on the market as well… enzymes! We’ve had access to great enzymes in our treatment rooms forever but now there is a great one that you can use at home daily, ZO Skin Health’s Daily Power Defense. It provides Ultrasomes and Roxisomes, enzymes that help repair your skin’s DNA, and also antioxidant Vitamin E with some powerful peptides to improve collagen production. Daily application can make a huge difference in the strength of your skin, it keeps your spring skin in it’s best state!

#4 – Be Prepared For An Acne Attackpointing-out-zit-thanks-ecard-someecards

The changing of the seasons can really make the acne pop out! As we shift from winter to spring arm yourself with some great Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic spot treatment products to tap down those bad boys. We have several amazing options in the office for that if you need them. Also a great facial can curb the seasonal pimples as well!


#5 – Try Taking An Oral Resveratrol Supplement

resveratrolMore and more information is coming out about how Resveratrol can protect your skin and reverse the signs of aging. It works in a topical form but is boosted if you add the supplement to your regimen as well. Even your nightly glass of red wine or champagne can help get your Resveratrol into your system, improving the signs of aging. It works best as a supplement though and even your spouse can benefit from using it as well!


#6 – Spring Is A Great Time To Get That Embarrassing Hair Off

how does lhr workAs you’re pondering your swimsuit during your Spring Break vacation just know that spring is a great time to start removing your most embarrassing hair issues. From the 5 o’clock shadow on your armpits to your bikini hair that spreads way past your swimsuit line, you can start your hair removal projects now and suffer less this summer. Hair removal takes several treatments to finish off but if you begin soon you can be halfway there before the summer arrives. In my office we have a virtually painless and extremely fast machine too, in literally 5-10 minutes you can seriously reduce your insane body hair problems! We occasionally run it on sale too so check out our promos for the week now.

Take advantage of the new season to do better for yourself and get out there and enjoy yourself in this gorgeous relief from winter!

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

-Jennifer is a blogger, mom and owner of Elemental Esthetics in St Louis, MO




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