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The Magic Ingredient That Will Beat Your Winter Skin (And Make You Look Younger)

One of the biggest complaints this time of year is dry, dull, flat skin. There an amazing ingredient that can keep these issues at bay while simultaneously making you look younger, hyaluronic acid! If you’re into skin care or taking care of your skin, you’ve probably heard about it, but how does it work and what does it do?

Hyaluronic Acid Begins In Your BodyImage of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. “Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring polysaccharide (carbohydrate) in the human body,” explains Arielle Kauvar, M.D., director of New York Laser and Skin Care. “It’s present in large amounts in the spaces between skin cells, where it provides moisture, plumpness, firmness and suppleness to the skin. It’s also present in the eyes and in the joint spaces, where it acts as a lubricant and ‘shock absorber.’ ”

Don’t let the word “acid” send you running either, although it has an acid base, this product is actually a “humectant” or a substance used to reduce the loss of moisture in your skin. It carries 1,000 times it’s weight in water which makes it an unbelievable hydrator. The good news is that because of its acid base even acne-proned faces can easily use it to fix issues with dryness.

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What Are The Benefits For My Face?

What can this amazing ingredient fix? The list is quite long but here are a few of my favorite ones!hylarunic acide before after

  • Improvement in hydration
  • Increase in smoothness
  • Reduction in redness and irritation
  • Creates firmer looking skin by increasing elasticity
  • Helps to retain your skin’s hydration
  • Does not clog pores
  • Continued improvement with daily use

How To Use It

3 types of hyaluronicHyaluronic Acid is actually quite a large molecule in it’s natural state so it’s important to find a quality HA or you’ll find that it just sits on top of your skin and does virtually nothing. My personal favorite Hyaluronic Acid is Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel. It penetrates well and won’t “foam” on the skin after you apply it. If you should want to try something else, please look for a micronized version to get the best penetration AND result from it.


In regards to application, it only takes a few drops of this liquid gold to work, it is best used daily or twice a day either AS your moisturizer or UNDER your moisturizer if you are really dry.

This simple product that has been around for a long time can truly be your hero and come to the rescue on your face not just this winter, but all year long!B5 gel

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