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How Layering Your Cosmetic Services On The Same Day Can Transform You

One of my favorite amazing cosmetic clients came in a few months ago looking for a great single service solution to multiple problems she was having with her skin. In particular she had age spots, broken veins, wrinkling, loose skin under the eyes and more. She didn’t want to do BOTOX and Filler but wanted similar results… she also wanted as little downtime as possible… How did we solve her dilemma? We tried layering several cosmetic lasers in her single visit… the results? Amazing! It brought to my attention that it is a technique we needed to continue to investigate and I’ve since found out that the laser companies are working on that as well.

So what do you need to know about doing this for yourself? A lot!! Let’s discuss best approaches and best services to mix without tremendous risk, while providing a great result…

First things first… it is incredibly important that you don’t do this at some strip mall MedSpa that sells everything on Groupon. This needs to be done by a reputable establishment with certified laser techs or with a technician that you have a long standing relationship with. Lasers done alone are tricky, but services layered on top of each other are far more treacherous…

What services pair up well?

Internally we’ve had great success with a few combinations…

IPL Laser plus VIPeel

Do you have age spots, melasma or acne scarring? Bring in this one-two punch for big time pigment removal and help with the discoloration of acne scarring. Big results in a single setting for age spots especially… if you add some Alpha Arbutin skincare or Hydroquinone with your post care, you’ll continue to improve for weeks after your treatment. This combo does have a bit of downtime… your age spots will darken, rise to surface and fade, additionally 3-5 days after the treatment you will have significant peeling as well. But with the downtime, you can expect big bang results. I should mention, it isn’t a safe combination if you have a darker skin type such as Hispanic, African American, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern or Indian.

RF Skin Tightening (Venus Legacy) mixed with Laser Microneedling (Venus Viva)get-rid-of-lip-lines

This conquers major wrinkling issues plus pore size and minor redness, pigmentation and even rosacea. Hate your eye crinkles? Or those lines forming around your mouth? Have a little redness? This combo will seriously knock that stuff out. One day of minor redness is the expected downtime with this combination. Done in a set of 3 treatments (and we highly recommend that one isn’t enough for a great result) a month apart, this awesome combination will truly lift and tighten you, especially around the eyes and lower face.

IPL Laser mixed with Laser Microneedling (Venus Viva)IPL-Viva-St-Louis

This combo does an amazing job on issues with redness and rosacea. It also significantly tightens pores, reduces age spots, reduces broken face veins, reduces both under and above eye wrinkles, and overall makes you look amazing!! If redness and age spots are your battle, this combo is your solution. With significant clearing of both of them, plus a ton of wrinkle removal… it’s hard to beat! A couple days of redness at most with a few of your age spots darkening and then falling off (usually quite hideable with makeup) this combination but quite frankly, most folks have a couple hours of redness and that is all…. Internally, we call this combination “The Spark.”

RF Skin Tightening (Venus Legacy) layered with IPL laser and Laser Microneedling (Venus Viva)Freeze-IPL-Viva-StLouis

My personal favorite combination! Redness? Age spots? Sagging skin? Large pores? Tired eyes? Smokers lip lines? This handles all of this plus more… MAJOR tightening effects plus all the advantages of “The Spark”, if done in a set of 3 treatments over 3 months, you could completely transform your face and knock a ton of years off. We have labeled this the “Spark Plus.”


The advantage of all of these overall is amazing results, nearly no down time (and yet at the end… you still look like yourself… just a younger version…)

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Jennifer Warmann-Bloss

-Jennifer is a blogger, mom and owner of Elemental Esthetics in St Louis, MO

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