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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in New Beauty Trends for 2016

So it’s 2016 and you’re a girl that likes to stay ahead of the curve, check out some of the new “love it” and “leave it” beauty trends for this year in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for the beginning of our year.

The Whole 30 Diet


This trend truly began at the end of last year but it really took on steam in January 2016. A pretty amazing program that has you limiting: sugar (including artificial sweeteners), alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy and msg for 30 days. The theory behind it is to clean your system of all the toxic food that is literally weighing you down and causing inflammatory issues like aches and pains, skin issues like eczema and other issues like digestive, fertility and even seasonal allergies. I have heard great reviews from my friends and clients about the program, that they truly feel amazing and energized from doing it and most of them lost weight as well (you don’t get to weigh or measure yourself till the end of the diet.) I would said it’s a definitely one to put on your list to try. They provide you with recipes and all kinds of support so it’s not as difficult and you may think. You can learn more about the program at The Whole 30 website!


Corset Trainingcorset diet

Thanks to the lovely Jessica Alba losing weight after her baby with this supposed new diet, binding your middle has become a crazy new trend in dieting. It’s proposed benefits are improved posture, sweating to improve circulation and weight loss, and looking amazing under your clothes. I prowled the internet to find out if this trend actually worked because there was no way I was going to try it (I’m ok with my current mid-section) and couldn’t find a single legitimate expert that said this was effective. Quite frankly I found MANY articles from doctors showing that instead it:

  • Made some folks flabbier looking due to lack of use of their abdominal muscles
  • With extended use had some muscles atrophy (stop working or freeze)
  • Supported lazy eating habits because you feel thinner in the corset
  • Constant pressure on your mid-section can lead to acid reflux (heartburn) issues long-term
  • Corset training in the rib area can lead to pneumonia and other lung diseases

So let’s go ahead and skip on the Corset Training and go back to some other diet ideas that work!


The V Part

v partAre you looking to update your updo? Here’s a trend that I’m going to go ahead and give a big thumbs down to, The V Part hair style. It looks fairly simple to pull off, although making it even on each side may be a challenge, but overall I find it a pretty unattractive styling choice. Let’s leave this one to the runway models!

Even Cosmo magazine gave this style a rejection letter. You can see more here…




Clown Makeup (aka Clown Contouring)

First glance at this makeup trend might freak you out a bit, but with some trial and error it actually has some merit. It began from a YouTube video post by makeup artist Belladelune. Although even she says that clearly no one should (or generally wants to) wear this much makeup, it is a great method to display how makeup contouring works on the face. So a dialed back version of this technique could truly make your face look amazing!

Groucho Brows

groucho brows

Ok my friends, I love big brows, if I have a pet peeve in facial techniques it is skinny brows (I do understand that sometimes that’s not your fault, I do have some tricks to help if you are losing your brows.) But the newest trend in full eyebrows, the Groucho Brow, is going too far for me! Grown in fully and then even penciled in more, these monstrosities belong on Andy Rooney’s face, not yours! So go ahead and wear your full brows, just don’t take it too far.



Glowing Locksglow-in-the-dark-hair

I must admit, I love fun hair! 2015 was definitely the year of fun and interesting hair color and it looks like 2016 is going to have some fun too. If you’re a professional woman this trend will definitely be a “no” for you but if you’re young and free this would be fun to try… Glow-In-The-Dark Hair (aka Blacklight Hair!)

This technique is created mostly by at-home hair products like Manic Panic’s High Voltage Classic Cream Formula Hair Color and Splat’s In the Dark temporary hair color which are known for picking up blacklights. It’s pretty fun stuff, you may take a pass on it but I was dying to show it to you!

If you’d like to see a bunch of pictures of it, check out Mashable’s article about it!

Loud Lips

loud lips

Love it or hate it, bold lipsticks were all over the fashion runways for 2016. A wide variety of colors (not just red) are definitely on the docket for this year. If you’d like to try out this trend please note that it has to be done hand-in-hand with very little other makeup. Throwing big eyes on with your big lips will only make you look like a clown so just choose one or the other.

For great choices in this trend, check out Elle Magazine’s article on 2016 lips!


The Pony Tail Twist


A new and easy way to update your pony tail for 2016, why not try a Pony Tail Twisted Braid for your hair. It’s an easy style that fairly simple to do on yourself and will add a twist to your regular pony tail. It was heavy on the runways for the 2016 fashion year. To learn how to do this on yourself, check out this YouTube video!











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